How to Apply the 3 Rules of Energy Medicine For Your Better Health

Now that people are becoming more open and attuned to the body’s energies, an increasing number of energy medicine remedies, tools, and treatments are becoming available. Since their effects are impossible for present-day science to quantify or even for an individual to measure except subjectively, I’d like to offer a few guidelines for taking them.

By following these 3 rules, you will be able to gain the maximum benefit from energy medicine.

Rule 1 – You can work with all 3 categories of energy medicine at one time.

These categories are:

Remedies that you take orally, such as gemstone medicine remedies, homeopathic medicines, Bach flower remedies, and astrology drops. Aromatherapy and essential oils fall into this category too.
Tools that you place on your body or apply in your aura, such as therapeutic gemstone necklaces, pendants that shield you from electromagnetic radiation, color cards, and various types of crystals, wands, and specially-shaped objects.
Therapies that are self applied or performed by a practitioner. These include acupuncture, reiki, cranial-sacral therapy, acupressure, sound therapy, and various other types of energy work. Gemstone therapy also falls into this category.

If you want the greatest benefit from energy medicine, select remedies, tools, and therapies from each of these 3 categories and incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Rule 2 – Use no more than 3 modalities from each of the 3 categories listed above.

This rule explains the maximum number of remedies, tools, or therapies you can work with and still keep your body in a healing mode. Using any more than 3 can cause imbalances as your body works overtime to process the energetic information you are giving it. Or worse, your body may try to shut itself off from the energetic influences. In either case, giving yourself too much treatment becomes a waste of time and money.

Rule 3 – Commit to the remedies, tools, and therapies you’ve chosen.

Energy medicine isn’t miracle medicine. Because your body’s energies can adjust quickly to a higher vibration, you may feel better after taking only one dose or soon after you start wearing an energy medicine tool. However, the body needs regular doses for physical tissue to reflect energetic improvements and make lasting changes. Like pharmaceutical medicine, energy medicine also needs to be taken consistently for best results.

Use an energy medicine remedy or tool for at least a month (preferably for 3 months) before you decide whether to continue working with it. Commit to a therapy by seeing a practitioner you feel comfortable with at least 3 times. Treatments can be most effective when done in a series of 3 sessions.

Here are some examples of how to apply these rules of energy medicine. Let’s say you take 3 types of oral remedies: gemstone medicine remedies, aromatherapy, and astrology drops. It is usually best to take each type of remedy at least 3 hours apart. Follow the directions given for each remedy. In the case of gemstone medicine remedies you can take 3 different remedies every day.

In keeping with the 3 Rules of Energy Medicine, you can use 3 types of energy medicine tools, such as gemstone necklaces, color cards, and energy patches. Follow the instructions given by the supplier of these tools. Gemisphere, a premier source of therapeutic gemstone necklaces, suggests wearing no more than 3 different gemstone necklaces at once. While wearing these necklaces, you can apply the color cards and/or the energy patches. And, you can also take energy medicine remedies while wearing these necklaces and tools.

Finally, treat yourself to an applied energy therapy at least once a month. If you are working with a severe condition and need guidelines for the maximum amount of therapy you can receive, the number 3 again serves as a guideline. Receive no more than 3 different types of healing therapies a month. Separate different types of treatment by 3 days. If you undergo a series of daily treatments of one type, separate each series with 3 days of rest in between.