What Makes Handcrafted Jewelry Unique Vs Factory Made Jewelry?

When you are in the market for jewelry, you might not realize there are two main types to choose from – handmade jewelry and factory made jewelry. So what makes handmade jewelry unique? It’s the personal nature of the pieces, in short. When you choose to invest in handmade unique jewelry, you are purchasing a designer’s personal aesthetic, the product of their inspiration. Think of handcrafted jewelry as a couture gown as opposed to a dress from the mall.By the time a designer sits down to make their handmade jewelry, the process has already been in motion for a while. Each collection begins with an idea that could have been sparked by any number of things. Designers can find inspiration in nature, time periods, music – really from anywhere. Once the designer has an idea for a collection, the designing process begins. The truly great designers want to give the consumer something they’ve never seen before; something that makes them go wow! But they also want to make jewelry that appeal to enough people so that their business is profitable.Certainly factory made jewelry is also the product of someone’s designs but when jewelry is mass-produced, it lacks individuality and the kind of bold designs you would more readily find in handcrafted jewelry. Another thing that makes handmade jewelry unique is the process in which it’s made. Factory made jewelry is made with molds and stamps in machines that are set to know exactly how to handle each metal and gemstone. But the task of making jewelry isn’t so simple for handcrafted jewelry makers.With their designs in mind, handcrafted jewelry makers get to work making their collection. As you can imagine, working with precious metals and gemstones is something that takes a lot of hard work and training. Working with these materials requires you to know how each reacts to being shaped and at what temperature they need to be at to form them into jewelry. One misstep and expensive precious metals can be ruined. When using gemstones, designers need to know how to secure them in the metals so they don’t end up coming loose and falling out over time.Handcrafted jewelry isn’t what you’d normally find when you go into your local jewelry store and that’s its grand appeal. Invest in handmade jewelry and you’re investing in a personal work of art that took a lot of hard work to make but also know that your handmade pieces were a labor of love!

Hollywood Jewelry Trends

Everyone watches the Oscars, Emmy’s and Grammy’s to see what the stars are wearing and it is also interesting to see what the Hollywood jewelry trends are. Celebrities always seem to put together the best look when they step out into the spotlight.So why do celebrities look so great?One of the main reasons is that they have top designers at their beck and call who will create their outfit and tailor it to suit their body. Jewelers also use these opportunities to create pieces that specifically designed to complement the outfit. This is how they advertise their name and product and create a buzz.When you see the stars wearing jewellery that catches your eye, you want similar pieces that are affordable. Hollywood jewelry trends set the stage for new designs by jewelers worldwide, as they all want to grab a piece of the pie by designing pieces that are sought after.Hollywood jewelry trends can be as simple as an understated piece, such as chandelier earrings that are scaled down. People see those and think “wow, those are elegant, where can I find earrings like those?”No matter what you see the celebrities wearing, you can probably find a similar item in your local store several months after you see it on a celebrity.Placement over Style – Hollywood Jewelry TrendsSometimes Hollywood jewelry trends are more about placement than style. Celebrities may be wearing items that are in a place you did not expect. An example of this would be the brooches worn by Eva Longoria at the 2011 Golden Globe awards. The brooches were worn on Eva’s hip, bringing attention to her beautiful figure and curvy hips. At the same time her simple black dress was transformed into something completely elegant.Many traditional pieces are being re-purposed and used for different applications. Hollywood jewelry trends this year have seen both brooches and hair jewelry being worn in hairstyles like never before. Lindsay Lohan is starting one of her own Hollywood jewelry trends by wearing unique leg jewelry.Evolution of Leg JewelryLeg jewelry is evolving through Hollywood jewelry trends and is new on the bling scene in that not many people are aware of this trend. Several celebrities are wearing leg jewelry and showing off some of their best assets, their legs.Hollywood jewelry trends come and go, but some are so unique that they are definitely here to stay. Leg jewelry is one of those trends. Pieces are available in most mediums, have various patterns and are worn just below the knee on your leg. A small tassel hangs down the back of the leg just under the small of the knee.Of recent Hollywood jewelry trends, leg jewelry has got to be one of the most exciting. It is definitely a way to accentuate the leg and let everyone see how beautiful your calves are. Leg jewelry is a must have accessory for the short dress, because it draws the eye downward to the leg.While Hollywood jewelry trends continue to emerge, manufacturers observe those trends and try to create reasonably priced knock offs. Many clothing companies and jewelers know that creating copycat pieces will bring up their sales, because many people want to assimilate celebrities.Hollywood jewelry trends will continue to inspire clothing lines and affordable jewelry knock offs, that will never change. What will the celebrities inspire you to wear this year?